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Our Products:

Our Powder Coat Process

We Start by Sandblasting

  • Sandblasting is a cleaning process that will remove any impurities and oxidation from metal surfaces.

Next up Primer

  • We use Zinc Rich primers to protect steel surfaces from corrosion.

Powder Coat Finish

  • Unlike liquid paint, this is a dry process. Finely ground particles and resin are electrostatically charged by a specially designed gun that sprays powder to the electrically grounded part. This positively charged spray sticks efficiently. Powder has an attractive, tough, durable, scratch resistant, proven, cost-effective finish

Coyote holds Standards Above

Dealers are located in 9 States and Quebec, Canada 

All of our products are Sandblasted, Primed w/Zinc Rich Primer & Powder Coated

What Sets Us Apart

Coyote Trailers range in length from 8' to 45' and have hauling capacities from 2,900lbs to 40,000lbs

CoyoteManufacturing  L.L.C.


About Us


It’s Important to us that our customers are satisfied, and have the right product for their needs. Matching the right equipment for the job is as vital as matching the right person. Here at Coyote Manufacturing we build and offer an extensive line of quality trailers. How ever we are aware that some of you are in need of a more custom product. We take pride in knowing that in each situation we have been able to work with our customers to create a product that fits their needs.

  • Hydraulic Dovetail
  • Truck Bed
  • Contractor Pro Series
  • Pup Series
  • Dump
  • Custom Trailers and Truck Beds